Tabitha Belshee

Walker Hall
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Hey friends!

I'm Tabitha, but I also respond to Tab, Tabs, Tabasco, and many other variations. I'm a senior in the Politics Department with certificates in Statistics and Machine Learning (SML) and American Studies. I'm from San Diego, California. I, like most Californians, miss my state and it's food dearly. 

On campus, I'm an active member of the First-Generation/Low Income community, LGBTQ+ community, and I teach yoga classes in Dillon Gym and a small studio off campus. I'm also a McGraw tutor for R programming and statistics. My free time is filled with lots of yoga, attempts at threading my own eyebrows, journaling, and going on late-night runs. 

My door is always open and I am so tremendously excited to get to know you. Welcome to Princeton! And especially welcome to Wilson! :)