Pamella Sebeza

Email Address:

Concentration: Politics

Certificates: African studies

Favorite classes: POL 366 (Politics in Africa), FRE 207F (Accelerated Summer Study in France), HUM 290 (Jesus and Buddha), AFS 310 (Development Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa)

Bio: Hi Wilson! My name is Pamella Sebeza and I am from Kigali, Rwanda. I am a junior majoring in Politics, but I am also interested in French, Finance, and African studies (feel free to reach out if you are interested in any of these).

On campus, I am involved with SAIP (Society of African Internationals at Princeton), DoroBucci, and I’m also a residential college tutor for French. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you! 

To incoming freshman, don’t be afraid to talk to your PAA, they are your greatest resources, and even if they don’t know something, they will direct you in the right way.