Nivida Thomas

Email Address:

Concentration: Neuroscience

Certificates: Applications in Computing

Study Abroad: IIP at the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology— Konstanz, Germany

Favorite Courses: Modern Middle East, Drug Discovery, Developmental Aid in Africa, Italian Gastronomy, and Laboratory in Principles of Neuroscience

Bio: Hi Wilson! I'm Nivi, a senior from Seattle, Washington. I'm a reporter with WPRB's News and Culture team and a member of USG's Diversity and Equity Committee. I switched my major four times because I was scared that my major would constrict my areas of interest. These varied from computer science, to public health and medicine, to politics. What's so great about Princeton is that you can explore the many interests you have through a variety of avenues that aren't just coursework! Please reach out if you are stressed or unsure about what your journey through this school will look like, or just want to make a friend. Can't wait to meet you all!