Natalie Berkman

French and Italian

My name is Natalie Berkman and I am a fifth-year PhD student in the Department of French and Italian, specializing in uses of mathematics in French literature of the 20th and 21st centuries. Aside from French literature, I love mathematics (it was my major in college) and creative writing (it was also my major in college—fiction, not poetry).

Outside of academic interests, I love music—I play the flute and memorize Broadway musicals in my spare time. I’m also quite gourmande, and love to try new and interesting food. I make my own pasta and crêpes from time to time as well. Finally, karaoke is a must—especially with Broadway songs and Italian and French music!

I grew up in Buffalo, NY, eating chicken wings and taking far too many trips to Niagara Falls and Toronto. After that, I spent four years in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins with a semester abroad in Paris. Now that I’m in Princeton, I’m enjoying getting to know the town, the surrounding area, and New York and Philadelphia. I also love to travel, learn languages, and experience as many other cultures as possibl