Nala Sharadjaya

Computer Science
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Hi Wilson! My name is Nala and I'm from New York City. Here at Princeton, I'm a junior in the Computer Science department, and broadly speaking I'm interested in scientific computing and other quantitative applications of CS. I also love taking classes outside my major and am especially interested in philosophy (so much so that I spent a year convinced I was going to change my major!) and French. If you're having any doubts about your major I'd love to chat about how I finally made up my mind.

On campus, I'm also involved with EcoReps, Petey Greene, and a political organization. In my spare time, I like to read, cook, go camping, and surreptitiously Google answers to the New York Times Sunday crossword. I'd love to grab a meal and chat with some of you about your courses, your major, or anything else!