Matthew Edelstein


Major: Classics

List of Favorite Courses: France and its Empire, 1500-1815 (HIS 364), The World of Late Antiquity (HIS 210), The United States Since 1974 (HIS 361), Roman Republican Historians (LAT 337), Animal Behavior (EEB 311), Life on Earth: Chaos and Clockwork (EEB 211), The Politics of Modern Islam (NES 269)

Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Matthew, and I am a senior from New York City – the greatest city in the world! While I am a Classics major focusing on Roman history and Latin literature, I have taken a wide variety of classes in a number of different departments over the course of my time at Princeton so far, including Biology, Neuroscience, Math, Economics, Politics, History, and Computer Science. I also did a PICS internship (Princeton Internships in Civic Service) after my sophomore year, so I have some experience navigating the exciting summer job opportunities that Princeton can help provide students and am happy to chat about this in addition to any academic questions that you might have.

On campus, I have been actively involved with the Princeton Model United Nations program, the Whig-Cliosophic Society, and the Princeton Corporate Finance Club. I am also a member of Tower. I am an ardent sports fan (particularly of the Brooklyn Nets) and, in my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, and playing basketball and soccer. I am always happy to grab a meal and talk, so definitely feel free to reach out!