Ethan Thai

Electrical Engineering
Email Address:

Concentration: Electrical Engineering

Certificates: Technology and Society, Materials Science and Engineering

Favorite Courses: Bioethics and Public Policy (FRS 140), Constitutional Interpretation (POL 315), Battle Lab: The Battle of Princeton (HUM 350), Electronic and Photonic Devices (ELE 308)

Bio: Hey Wilson! I'm Ethan, a junior from Chandler, AZ. I'm studying electrical engineering with an interest in the intersection of technology and society. I enjoy being a TA for EGR 153, going for runs down Towpath, and hoping the Phoenix Suns have a better season. 

Through my underclassman years, I've felt how difficult and seemingly overwhelming academics, planning, and balancing life can be, so don't hesitate to reach out! I am always free to chat about courses, video games, and anything in between!