Cara Yi

Woodrow Wilson School

Major: Woodrow Wilson School (International Trade and Finance)

Certificates: History and the Practice of Diplomacy; Finance

List of favorite courses: Creative Writing; China’s Foreign Relations; The Politics of Development; American Economic History

Bio: Hi! I’m a junior from California and am excited to cross paths with you during our Princeton years! On campus, I’m involved with Manna Christian Fellowship, the Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, and Princeton Career Services as a Peer Career Adviser. 

It took me my whole first two years to fully realize and centralize my interests, and in all honesty, it’s something I’m still tweaking and putting into focus. If you have any questions deciding between Woody Woo and Politics, how summer experiences feed into your academic pursuits (and vice versa), about any of the above-mentioned activities, or anything really, send me an email at and let’s grab ice cream/tea/boba/dhall food! Looking forward to meeting and chatting with you!