Amada Sandoval

Women's Center

Director of the Women's Center
Office of the Vice President for Campus Life
243A Frist Campus Center
Campus Phone: 609-258-5565

Hello Wilsonites!  You can find me in the Women’s Center, where I work as the director.  The mission of the Women’s Center is to recognize and work to end historic and persistent gender inequality at Princeton, and beyond.  The Center was started by students in 1971, and has played an important role in the University's evolution over the years.  The Center works with students to develop programs which serve all Princeton students no matter the gender, and the larger University Community. In addition to being a Wilson Adviser, I am a Faculty Fellow to the Women’s Track and Field Team and a sponsor of the Princeton Women’s Mentorship Program (PWMP), which aims to empower women students to take on leadership roles and realize their full potential while at Princeton, and throughout their lives.  Ask me about PWMP!
I have an undergraduate degree in English and American Literature (from a larger, older, institution north of here), and am scheduled to complete my PhD in English from Princeton this fall.  My dissertation is on hard-boiled detective fiction and film noir.