Alexander Pirola

1937 Hall
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What is up guys?! It's ya boy NiceGuy57 and I'm coming at you with a brand new tutorial video on navigating Princeton! Offline I'm known as Alex and, in some circles, the Songbird of my Generation. When I'm not vlogging sick vids I enjoy playing club soccer, volunteering with Community House, and working at Princeton's free bike repair co-op, the Cyclab. 

I am majoring in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and pursuing certificates in computer science and robotics. If any of that scares you, don't worry: it scares me too! If you ever want to talk about it, or something perhaps more interesting like what the best dining hall hacks are, hit me up. And if you see me around campus, please say hi! I love connecting with people and I'm always trying to grow my fanbase (code for: I want to get to know Wilson '23 AND '22). 

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