Wilson Art Contest-Colorful Princeton

Friday, Dec 2, 2016
by heslin


 I mix the colors and I see nothing but color, I can almost say, I am color.

   -Walter Benjamin, “The Rainbow: A Dialogue on Phantasy” (1915)

In his 1810 Theory of Colors, Goethe wrote that “all nature manifests itself by means of colors to the senses of sight.” Color is indeed an essential part of the way we experience and see the world. It helps us distinguish differences and identify what we see, it helps us sort through the myriad world in front of us.

colorfulThere are as many colors as there are things in the world; color can be a force of seduction or a source of separation, a way of bringing things together or of keeping them apart, a means of forging a sense of community or a way of experiencing difference. How does color influence how we view the world? What does color enable us to see and also prevent us from seeing? In what way can color become a means of celebrating and appreciating our wonderful diversity?

We invite you to submit a work of art in any two-dimensional artistic medium (photography, painting, or drawing) that, for you, helps us see the many colors of Princeton, the many colors that help make Princeton what it is: a wonderfully diverse, multicolored, vibrant

community whose richness can be experienced in its vivid, bright, chromatic and even kaleidoscopic colors. You are welcome to think of color in all of its dimensions and associations. We want to see what you want us to see, what you think we should see, what you think exhibits something of the wondrously various colors present at Princeton.


A small committee, chaired by Head of the College, Eduardo Cadava, will select a number of the works to display in Wilson College and the event will be marked by a festive reception for the artists whose work is chosen.


To be considered, please submit a digital image of at least 4MB in size along with a title no later than

January 9, 2017.Notification of final selections will be made by January 23, 2017. SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY VIA DROPBOX