Placing Your Bets: Touring the Museum of Natural Features

February 11, 2016

Natalie Jeremijenko is one of the most compelling and exciting artists working at the intersection of art, engineering, biochemistry, neuroscience, and the history and philosophy of science. Beyond the fact that there are very few—if any other—artists who have the range of her training, she is wildly creative, inventive, and smart and entirely articulate about what she wishes to accomplish. She has been referred to as “one of the three or four most dynamic people on the face of the earth” in Wired Science and in 2014 she received the FIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards Pioneer Prize “for her consistently brilliant portfolio of work over the past two decades” (a prize that had only been awarded once before to Laurie Anderson). She has also received the Most Innovative People Award in 2013, was named among the most influential women in technology in 2011, and was named one of the inaugural top young innovators by MIT Technology Review.

Advertisement for Natalie JeremijenkoShe is presently Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at New York University, where she is also affiliated with the Computer Science Department and the Environmental Studies Program, and she founded and directs the Environmental Health Clinic at New York University, an activist clinic that creates public and lifestyle experiments meant to enable significant human and environmental health benefits. Her work has appeared at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, two Whitney Biennales, the Guggenheim Museum, Mass MoCA, and, indeed, throughout the globe.

This Signature Series lecture was videotaped.