Black Box Theater

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Description: The Black Box theatre is a flexible space to hold performances that require theatrical lighting and sound. It also has a fixed projector and screen for showing films. It holds 49 auditorium seats on raised risers with the option to add 30 folding chairs for an overall seating capacity of 79. Seating cannot be placed left of the stage because it will block the fire exit. Two columns frame a tile floor 20 foot wide by 20 foot deep, The entire area in front of the seating including the carpeted area is 42 foot wide by 20 foot deep area. Total occupancy is 125.

There is a separate booth for audio playback and theatrical lighting control. The Black Box Dance Club uses DJ lights that flicker while traditional performances use the standard theatrical lighting. A backstage area provides a space to store scenery and a dressing room. To meet fire regulations, a spinkler system has been added. 

The Black Box Student Theatre Manager for AY 16-17 is Forrest Daughtery. He supports the general operations of the theatre, monitor equipment  and provide assistance to groups using the theatre. They also provide training on the film projection equipment.

All scheduling of the theatre is done through the college office via the online room reservation form.

Food and drink in the Black Box theatre is allowed.

Location: Basement level of Wilcox floor.

Access: The control room for theatrical lighting and sound is locked. Keys can be checked out from the college office after training which is provided through Theatre Services. The main theatre area is unlocked, making it available to all students when not reserved.

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How to Reserve: The theatre can be reserved from the college office via the  Room Reservation Form  with the following exception: Friday nights are reserved for the Black Box Dance Club.

Black Box Manager for AY 16-17 is Forrest Daugherty :

Room Policies:
An account number must be provided in order to reserve the theatre.

Lighting:  Groups wishing to use the theatrical lighting or sound board (any equipment located inside the control booth) are required to meet with the student managers for training. Our student managers are very busy so please be sure to leave at least 2 weeks lead time.

Building Services:  It is the responsibility of all groups to pick up their trash and place it in the receptacle provided by Building Services. The trash is removed daily, but if Building Services has to provide clean up beyond removing the receptacle, there will be a charge to the account.

Adding Seats:
Adding extra seating to theater chart