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Preston Cosslett Kemeny, a 2015 Princeton graduate, is one of 12 college seniors and first-year graduate students nationwide to be named 2017 Hertz Fellows by the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation.
Woodrow Wilson Exhibit Moves to Wilson College as Part of Campus Tour
On April 17, we will host an event in which several speakers will visit us to talk about “How to Sustain an Activist Life.” Speakers will include, among others, Cornel West, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Fazal Sheikh, Liana Theodoratou, and Chris Hedges.

Upcoming Events

Tue, Mar 28, 2017, 10:00 pm
Location: Julian Street Library
Wed, Mar 29, 2017,
5:00 pm to 6:15 pm
Location: Wilson Dance Studio
Fri, Mar 31, 2017,
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Location: Mellon Library